About ICDE India

ICDE India, is a multi-faith, multi-cultural and secular organisation headquartered in Bangalore and is a non-profit registered society,
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ICYE Federation

A leader in international youth exchange programmes with more than 60 years of experience,An international Federation of National Committees in 45 countries
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The main objectives of this programme are: to encourage youth mobility among young Europeans, to promote young people’s active citizenship,
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ICDE India, is a multi-faith, multi-cultural and secular organisation headquartered in Bangalore and is a non-profit registered society, registered under the KSR Act of 1962.  ICDE India, is memeber organisation of the federation of ICYE head office Berlin (Germany).

ICDE – India networks with similar and like-minded organisations not only in India but also around the Globe. It offers young people the possibility to spend one-year abroad, participating in a program designed to facilitate an exchange among nations as a means to promote Peace, Inter-Cultural Understanding, and Cross-cultural learning. This is done through direct personal experiences and international volunteer work through a network of national committees, co-workers, host families, community development projects, friends and well wishers.

Our National Profile
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  • Viktoria Zimmer – Germany

    When you have friends around the world, you understand that we are all human beings with more or less the same needs and emotions. Therefore, you will care more about people in different parts of the world. For example, it will no longer be just some abstract fact that we are all connected, but you can really feel how we belong together. This is also the reason why volunteering and intercultural exchange prevents war and conflicts. Furthermore, people can develop the important skill how to deal with difficult situations and conflicts. For me, it’s great when they even start to work together on common political aims.

  • Diana María Suaza Correa – Colombia

    India has one of the most exotic and interesting cultures in the world, not just for all the diversity and the fact that it's the second biggest country in the world, there's something else about it that makes that people from a brought consider India as one of the countries in the top of the list to visit.
    I must say that this one is one of the best experiences in my life and I would never change this for anything else, the problems, worries, fears, bad and good experiences that I had so far are so valuable for me that I can not imagine anything different. I really appreciate everything in India and I will never forget this volunteer work in India.

  • Jan Friedrich – Germany

    The work with the children and a big part of the Indian way of life brought a lot of patience in my life, although I still come to my own borders when working with smaller children. I think I also got more open minded and interested to people with a different background and lifestyle.

  • Daniela Dahik – Ecuador

    I feel like a part of India now even though I come from far away and I believe this feeling of belonging to this place was achieved so quickly and easily thanks to the volunteer work. Volunteering does not consist only in teaching or helping immigrants or protecting the fauna or a place, etc, it is about the link you can create between your native culture and the one that surrounds you, it is about being together with people that are completely different to you; it is about sharing.
    This comes from a volunteer that could find that link between cultures and fell in love with her host country.

  • Lorena Schwab – Germany

    Not only the children and the other people in my surroundings, also we as volunteers learn so much during our voluntary service. I get to know a completely different way of life and not only read about it in books or on the internet, but experience it very intensely in daily life during one year. I eat what the people here eat, I do the activities they do, I live how they live and sometimes “walk for 10 miles in their shoes”. Or rather run in their shoes, because in our school, we have a running - program, where the children train for a 10 km run. Even though I was not really a marathon runner before I came here, I enjoy more and more to join them and participate in that program – they have so much fun and are so motivated, that I love to run with them. In my view, this is the way we can build links between different people and countries.

  • Lavinia Lafond – French Participant

    First of all I really appreciate this country. I love the Indian food (as a vegetarian India is paradise, because in my country it’s very hard to eat Veg and it’s very hard to be accepted by the non Veg people who represent 98.5% of the French population)!
    I love the Indian culture and state of mind (all the colors on the cloths, on the wall, in the temples … colors everywhere that make the atmosphere so joyful and beautiful. The importance of the family. The «cohabitation» between Hindus, Christians and Muslims… etc...) I’m found of the Indian landscapes (Hampi!), and finally I love Indian people.
    Most Indian people I met are very friendly and when you’re alone far from your home and family, it’s a relief to know that I can have the support of some persons here.

  • Virginai Arasakesany – UK

    Stayed with a host family,it wsprobably the best part of this experience.I was able to experience the culture and try variety of food.I have also gained new friends working in th eprphanage was amazing i got to work with a variety of children ranging form severly disabled to babies.Through working at the orphanage i have had the chance to improve my skills,gain confidence as well as make new friends.I spent a lot of time working at the orphanage and getting involved in some other projects too,i can definately say that i will visit bangalore again in the near future,know that i made so many friends,host family,ICDE and the orphanage ,good reasons to return to india.

  • Malin Mattsson and Nina Wensmark – Sweden

    We stayed in India Bangalore for four weeks and it has been an amazing journey. It was a really hard time in the beginning but ICDE has helped us through it. They really been there for us……
    We have learned a lot and have been fun to experience this special town. Ever if it has been a hard time at Mother Therese we have had many happy moments with the children’s.
    We have here for a month but we have grown as person and our self-confidence are bigger now.
    We will always remember this journey and how nice ICDE have been to us!!!!!!

  • Nicola Roberts – UK

    I have been in India for Ten weeks and all in all my experience has been amazing. I worked at Mother Teresa’s Orphanage in Bangalore where the children’s are either mentally and physically disabled.
    The host family has also been brilliant…. They looked after me well when I got ill, and if I ever got down my host father would always say some works of wisdom, which would pick me back up again. They were so very kind and I will miss them dearly…

  • Mirjam – Switzerland

    I want to thank you for your generous help during my stay in India. Even with all my troubles, I had a really great time here because I knew you were always there for me!!!!
    I also enjoyed my work in the office because you are a great team!!!!
    Thank you for everything, I will never ever forget you!!!
    It’s really hard for me to leave…..

  • Rebecca – Germany

    My time here in India I will never forget. I had wonderful experiences and I thank you so much for making this possible for me!!!
    You have been always helpful even when we called in the middle of the night…..
    I had a pleasant stay in both projects and I really enjoyed my eight months in this fascinating country!!!

  • Carmen – Switzerland

    I stayed in India for 6 months,4 and half months i was working in a school in a village and one & half month i was travelling it was a great time.the indians are very welcoming people and they are courtesious and forgivivng.After all i would say it was good i made it and if i had the choice i would do it agian plus i will definately come back to India

  • Anjuli – Germany

    India what a amazing country for me it's undescribable.I had so many good days,but same as bad and difficult days.But all in all it was one of my most important and unforgettable time in my life.I learned so much about the cultures,Traditions,language,people.My Image to India changed to which i had before.i like it very much now and i am surely coming back.I made a lot of nice friends here in Bangalore and in my project.Thank you !!!vandanegalu,Namaskar

  • Anna Kern – Germany

    Coming to india was a decision which i will never forget .I learnt so much about this country with it's rich culture,about people annd about my self.This year was full of new experiences for me.I was staying with a very nice family and made a lot of good friends whom i am definately going to miss a was really challenginf to find work and it took qiute a while but finally everything went well.Thanks to ICYE/ICDE who made this possible.I am looking forward to come back !!

  • Rika bettzieche – Germany

    I am realy thankfull for the preciuos time i had here in India,i met so many interesting people and so many kind & helpful people.Even if some situation where litle difficult i learnt a lot out of it about me ,my culture and Indian culture.Even if i leave the country in 5 days part of my heart will always remain here,i wish everybody would get the chance to do this.

  • Jana Becker – Germany

    The last year has been the most challenging ,interesting and awesome time of my life .I've been working in a really amazing project of music school in the north of Karnataka and there i've been learning so much.I was teaching english and partly taking care of the primary.The children there gave me everything i needed and made me grow a lot.I am Really sad that i have to leave and as soon as i can i will come back.Thank You so much for everything!! you have been Great!!

  • Malin holmberg – Sweden

    My year in India has been the best year of my life.,my project was at Kalleri Sangeet Vidyalaya in North Karnataka and this school is my paradise.I really love India as a country good people,good food,beautiful environment i will never forget my time here.Never it made me a different person,i think a better person to go back to Sweden will be hard,because India is special and wonderful Icde helped me to find Kalleri and for that i will always be grateful thank you for everything

  • Bjomsson Porgrimur

    "My stay in India has been amazing there is no place on earth where you will find such loving and friendly people other than India"


About India

India ‘s flag is a tricolor standard, The saffron color represents courage and sacrifice; white – truth and purity; green – peace and prosperity…
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The Do's and Don'ts

Do's & Dont'ts in your Hosting/ Work Situation

Remember you come from a different culture, lifestyle. Indian situation will be very different. Hence you have to wait till the end of your exchange year to form your opinions.
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golden rules

Golden Rules For Your Stay

Without learning the local language your program experiences will be poor & frustrating. As mentioned we will send you the cassette and text in advance.

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