Board Members

Robinson Doss


Ravinder Singh
Executive Director
Sheela Douglas
Program Coordinator
Shashikala Mariswamy
Admin Executive

ICDE India

ICDE India is a multi-cultural and secular organisation headquartered in Bangalore. ICDE – India is a non – profit registered society under the KSR Act of 1962. ICDE – India is a member organisation of the Federation of ICYE, with its Head Office in Berlin, Germany.

Its Goals

ICDE is committed to and will work with others who are committed to:

  • Justice for all persons who suffer from social, political, economic and personal injustice.
  • Break through the barriers between cultures and people.
  • The principle of equality among cultures, nations and sexes.
  • Providing experiences that will encourage international and inter cultural understanding.
  • Helping participants to become aware of the issues and problems in the local and national community in order to have a better understanding of worldwide socio economic, political issues and problems.
  • Encouraging commitment to act on these understandings, both during the exchange experience and beyond.


ICDE – India networks with similar and like – minded organisations not only in India but also around the globe. It offers young people the possibility to spend one year abroad, participating in a program designed to facilitate and exchange among nations, as a means to promote Peace, Inter-cultural understanding and cross cultural learning. This is done through direct personal experiences and international volunteer work through national committees, co-workers, host families, community development projects, friends and well wishers.

The program in India facilitates and promotes young people from various countries to discover, explore, learn and experience the richness and diversity of India’s glorious history, cultures, traditions, lifestyle, spirituality, cultural expressions, geography, environments and of course our unique hospitality.

ICDE strives to achieve these aims through inter-cultural education and international voluntary service. ICDE – India is structured with a National Committee with full time staff and groups of volunteers working at the local level. ICDE-India is autonomous and frames its own policies concerning programs, finances etc., in accordance with ICYE’s aims and goals.

Voluntary work placements are provided in Community Development Projects, working with Children, Elderly, Disabled, Music Schools, Women Development Projects, Environmental Protection and Education, Health Care, Youth Centre and Cultural Centres, etc.,

ICDE programs encourage participants to learn Indian Dance, Music, Yoga, Meditations, Languages, etc.,


In recognition of its services to International Peace and Understanding, ICYE has been awarded   the PEACE MESSENGER  CERTIFICATE by the Secretary General, United Nations.