Visa & Travel

ICDE-India will furnish the selected exchangees with all necessary papers, sponsorship & invitation letters from the host country and the ICYE international Office to help secure a one-year residential permit. ICDE-India will make all international travel and visa arrangements including flight bookings and schedules (no exceptions are possible). In some cases, participants have to attend a personal interview with the concerned Embassy (at their own expense).

Travel & Tours

The 12 th month will be the travel month. At this time you could travel around in the country or even to neighboring countries along with your fellow participants. It is also possible to make short trips during weekends after seeking prior permission from the local committee. The cost of these trips will have to borne by the participants.

What do you finally accomplish?

The very process of traveling abroad and staying for one year is an educative experience and imparts an in-depth practical training in inter-cultural learning. One develops tremendous self-confidence, acquires new skills, new language, contacts and friends. It is also a process of self-discovery. ICYE has the infrastructure and an excellent network of people and organisations and it is up to the participant to make use of every opportunity to make his or hers exchange year a unique and personal experience. This program is essentially a cultural exchange and volunteer service program.

Every Year we will select and send 10 participants

Cost of the program

ICYE’S all over the world are self supporting NGO’s. The cost of the exchange program is met from the participation fee you pay. This participation fee is used to take care of the foreign participants, who come to India and includes expenses like food and accommodation, camps, conferences, pocket money, official travel. These expenses are met on a reciprocal basis by our counterparts in other countries.
The Participation Fee will vary from programme year to year and sometime from country to country too. It will include One Year Insurance and One Year Return International Air Ticket.

Your participation fees will cover

  • Free Board and lodge.
  • One year Return International Air Ticket.
  • One year Medical / Accident Insurance.
  • One year Visa fee.
  • Pocket money (Min 60 USD per month).
  • Learning & proficiency in new foreign language.
  • Volunteer work experience & insights at international level
  • Enhancement of employability.
  • Local travel.
  • Subsidised ticket for personal travel.
  • Camps, conferences & seminars.
  • Intercultural education, experiences, insight & social integration.
  • Enhancement of communication skills, public relations and interpersonal skills.
  • Very economical travel and sight seeing, both within and outside the host country.
  • Building international contacts and friendships.
  • Promoting international understanding and peace
  • Being a Cultural Ambassador of India
  • Safety and security of a 60 year-old organisation with International contacts and affiliations.
  • Participation certificate at the end of the year to promote career and educational opportunities.
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