Student Exchange Program

The International School exchange program is an attraction to students looking to improve their social skills, learn more about other cultures and building sustainable relation with the schools in other parts of the world.

The School Exchange program is focused towards equipping students with the knowledge, skills and values to live and work in a globalized economy. The programs and projects are designed in a manner that enhances skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, knowledge and motivation to address issues of human and environmental sustainability and work towards a fairer world in a spirit of mutual respect and open dialogue.

During the programs aboard, the participants spend around 10 days with the host family having a blend of education, cultural and balanced fun with leisure activities where students participate in school life, family life and explore the Indian culture.

As a part of the program students build their confidence, improve team building skills by working on a project titled-International Entrepreneurship with hands on experience. The programme will also include visit to Entrepreneurship companies and this exposure will make great impact on students to open to new things and a world bigger than just their comfort zone.